The Paladin Joins the Party


Wealsen 5

DM Angelo
Emily - Elf Thief
Matt - Human Fighter
Rylan - Cleric of St. Cuthbert
Declan - Paladin of St. Cuthbert

Day 5
The Gallant (who left Narwell one day behind the caravan) finally arrives to join the escort.
The trail is passing through wooded hills, but is keeping to the lowlands between them, making the going easier for the carts.

Leader of the Brigands of the Abbey
5 Bandits 
30 gp
50 gp signet ring from the leader
Silver Dagger

The thief finds a map and a silver dagger from the leader

Day 6
Around mid-morning, the caravan crosses a path going across the trail they are following. The caravan goes straight, but there are signs that the path to the north has been used recently.

Lieutenant of the Watchtower and his (9) thugs 
The leader had a pet monkey
A Cart Driver dies
The leader dies and the bandits flee (with the monkey)
Magic Sword

Day 7
The caravan stops to rest at a crossroads, with a trail going northwest and another going southwest. If asked, the drovers indicate they will be taking the southwest trail, which is longer but safer.

No Events

Day 8
The caravan takes the southwest fork in the trail. Around mid-morning there is another fork in the trail, with one branch continuing southwest and another going due south. The caravan takes the right fork, heading southwest.

No Events

Day 9
The track continues on its southwesterly course under the trees, flanked by rolling hills and occasional steep embankments.

Watchtower bandits come after the adventurers for revenge.
6 Bandits
2 Bugbears
One bandit runs away out running the paladin
The paladin sees the watchtower in the distance.
30 cp
20 sp
12 ep
10 gp
4 pp

Day 10
The caravan remains under the thick branches of the trees, stopping for the night at a fork, with a smaller trail heading south. In the morning, the caravan will continue westward.

The adventurers come a cross a group of sylvan elves on a hunting expedition. They have already taken down a deer and two of them will be carrying it on a pole. They camp together for the night trading stories and information.


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