All's well that ends well in Hommlet

576 CY

Wealsen 11 - 14

DM Angelo

Emily - Elf Thief

Matt - Human Fighter

Rylan - Cleric of St. Cuthbert

Declan - Paladin of St. Cuthbert

Day 11

The caravan finally emerges from the canopy of the forest, making camp in the Kron Hills an hour or so after emerging from the forest.

Day 12

The caravan follows the trail through the Kron Hills westward. You see evidence of habitation; occasional isolated farms,

Day 13

At mid-day the trail intersects the north-south road connecting Celene with Verbobonc. The caravan turns north towards Hommlet.

Day 14

Ogre and Goblins

The caravan reaches the village of Hommlet near sunset. The Inn of the Welcome Wench provides a welcome sight indeed, as the prospect of a safe and soft bed, good hot food, and the end of your mission is at hand.


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